Using Familiar Tools in an Unfamiliar Context: Sharing Co-designing Experiences in a Cross-Cultural Context – in CSE2 371
Sarah Dsane (University of Cape Town, Koforidua Technical University), Melissa Densmore (University of Cape Town), Yaseen Joolay (University of Cape Town)
Stickies, sharpies, and color pencils have long been recognized as essential tools for ideation and brainstorming during co-designing. Using these seemingly simple tools in other contexts, however, can present some complexities particularly with rural women. The goal of this session is to provide a forum for designers and researchers to discuss how we contextualize co-designing tools/toolkits, especially when working in contexts where our users are unfamiliar with these tools.

Researching Misinformation in ICTD – in CSE1 691
Chris Coward (University of Washington), Araba Sey (University of Washington/Research ICT Africa), Katy Pearce (University of Washington), Pranav Malhotra (University of Washington), Charles Bugre (University of Washington), Morgan Wack (University of Washington)
This workshop will convene researchers studying misinformation, along with those interested in how misinformation might impact other research programs. To date, most misinformation research has been situated in the Global North. What is known about misinformation in the Global South? What countermeasures are useful when digital flows occur on WhatsApp and other closed platforms, and non-digital media are still powerful? What assumptions about technology, policy, access, and inclusion need to be rethought in Global South contexts?

Multistakeholder Data Governance for Development – in CSE2 345
Benjamin Akinmoyeje (Namibia University of Science and Technology)
This session anticipates a session anticipates to introduce the ICTD community to concept of multi stakeholder data governance approach contrary to the popular regional, siloed regulations, and frameworks. These current approaches limit the impact of data , especially for ICTD projects for developing region with need for data driven innovation.

Books in ICTD: Reflections from Two Recent Authors – in CSE2 345
David Nemer (University of Virginia), Rajesh Veeraraghavan (Georgetown University)
David Nemer is the author of Technology of the Oppressed (MIT Press, 2022) where he analyzes how Brazilian favela residents engage with appropriate technologies, both to fight the oppression in their lives and to represent themselves in the world. Rajesh Veeraraghavan is the author of Patching Development (Oxford University Press, 2021) where he critically examines the contestations of public officials, local politicians, social movements and workers as bureaucrats use technology and localized information to implement one of the largest public employment program in India. They both will discuss their reflections.

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Wednesday (COMPASS & ICTD)
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