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  • Diagnosing Data from ICTs to Provide Focused Assistance in Agricultural Adoptions by A. Singh, M. Subramanian, A. Agarwal, P. Priyadarshi, S. Gupta, K. Garimella, P. Kumaraguru, S. Kumar, R. Kumar, L. Garg, E. Arya
  • The World is in My Hand Now: Smartphones for Empowering Rural Women in Developing Countries by M. Biswas, M. Anwar, M. Saha, N. Ahmed, Y. Strengers, L. Stillman, G. Oliver
  • Closed Ranks: The Discursive Value of Military Support for Indian Politicians on Social Media by A. Seth, S. De, A. Arya, S. Wilkinson, S. Singh, J. Pal

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Monday (ICTD)
ICTD paper session #1