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  • On Inclusion: Video Analysis of Older Adult Interactions with a Multi-Modal Voice Assistant in a Public Setting by A. Cuadra, H. Baek, D. Estrin, M. Jung, N. Dell
  • Understanding Farmers’ Response to SMS-Based Agri-Met Information by P. Chetri, U. Sharma, P. Ilavarasan
  • A Qualitative Difference: Integrating Qualitative Data into Humanitarian Response Operations by C. Maitland, J. Martin, M. Bravo, A. Bertram
  • Long-Range Low-Cost Networking for Real-Time Monitoring of Rail Tracks in Developing Countries by S. Salim, U. Kamal, A. Quaium, M. Yaad, M. Rahaman, N. Sakib, M. Tahmid, A. Islam
  • To Block or Not to Block: Accelerating Mobile Web Pages On-The-Fly Through JavaScript Classification by M. Chaqfeh, M. Haseeb, W. Hashmi, P. Inshuti, M. Ramesh, M. Varvello, L. Subramanian, F. Zaffar, Y. Zaki

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Tuesday (ICTD)