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  • Toleration Factors: The Expectations of Decorum, Civility, and Certainty on Rural Social Media by S. Sultana, R. Akter, Z. Sultana, S. Ahmed
  • The Use of Mobile Phones by Women Livestock Keepers in Zimbabwe by P. Nyajeka, R. Duncombe
  • Tackling Hate Speech in Low-resource Languages with Context Experts by D. Nkemelu, H. Shah, M. Best, I. Essa
  • Socio-economic and Technological Assumptions Influencing Financial Inclusion among Indigenous Peoples in Bauchi State, Nigeria by A. Hassan, S. Utulu
  • Unpacking Tensions in Designing Annotation System for Public Toilets to Support Menstrual Mobilities by G. Bhatnagar, P. Singh, N. Kumar, A. Tuli

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Monday (ICTD)