Steering Committee


Ongoing Nominations

If you are interested in serving on the committee, or hosting a future COMPASS conference, please send us your details through these forms.

Steering Committee Governance


The role of the COMPASS Steering Committee is to:

  • Broadly promote and champion the conference as the premier venue in its area
  • Help to attract a large number of high-quality paper submissions
  • Select the conference dates, locations, and chairs
  • Advise the current and future conference chairs on organizational issues
  • Represent the conference to ACM and forge ties with adjacent research communities


  • The steering committee will normally consist of 8-12 members:
    • The SIGCHI President will be invited to appoint a member from the SIGCHI executive committee
    • The SIGCAS Chair will be invited to appoint a member from the SIGCAS executive committee
    • 3-4 organizers of recent conferences
    • 3-6 members at large
  • In addition to the above formal members, the general chair(s) and program chair(s) of future conferences are typically invited to participate in most steering committee discussions.


The steering committee has a chair who is chosen by consensus of the committee members for a term of two years.  In addition, the chair normally serves one additional year as a general member, to provide institutional memory. The steering committee chair, with the advice and assistance of other members, is ultimately responsible for ensuring timely selection of future conference chairs as well as inviting new members to join the steering committee.

Rotation of members

  • Members serve a three-year term.
  • Each year, one or two members of the conference organizing committee, usually drawn from the general chairs and/or PC chairs, are invited to join the steering committee.
  • Each year, one or two members at large are invited to join the steering committee. There is a public call for nominations and self-nominations that are reviewed by the committee.


These guidelines are expected to evolve as the conference matures.  Changes to the guidelines can be made and approved at any time by a majority consensus of the steering committee.

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